Friday, July 5, 2019

The Chameleon (1989)

THE CHAMELEON (1989) Directed by John Leslie.

I usually am not a fan of 1980s shot on video productions as far as interesting movies. The sex can be good, but the plots are often perfunctory and the production values (especially music) are depressingly cheap. Still, this movie had a good reputation, and I am a fan of Tori Welles going way, way back. I figured I should give it a shot.

Consider me suitably impressed. The sex was red hot (how could it be anything else with Tori Welles involved?), but the story from John Leslie and Nick Hunter held my interest and kept me guessing. Even better, the original music score (!) made me forget at times this had many of the same budgetary limitations of other productions of its time. That and some clever set-ups proved to me you could make something that felt at least close to a real movie under those constraints.

My DVD was a bit screwy, but THE CHAMELEON was so much fun I got a new copy. It is worth your time if you've never seen it. And if you have it, why not watch it again? You'll enjoy it!

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