Thursday, September 5, 2019

Pleasure Maze - Lovers Lane

I didn't know diddly about director Duck Dumont prior to Vinegar Syndrome announcing the Peekarama release of PLEASURE MAZE/LOVERS LANE. I basically still don't, beyond some details in a short piece no longer online which reported his untimely death in 2005. So I had no preconceived notions of what to expect when I watched these films.

PLEASURE MAZE takes the same idea as SEX WORLD and makes it so much more misogynistic. I guess that's not surprising, but anyone expecting wry commentary of any kind is going to be mostly disappointed. Joanna Storm is winsome and sympathetic (to a point) and makes it a bit more tolerable. Every other woman in the movie isn't even playing a real person, though Amber Lynn is I guess the "star" (no matter that the credits topline Stacey Donovan for some reason). Joey Silvera is as good as always and tries to do something with this, but the script and the undersized budget for sci-fi spectacle make this mostly a miss for me.

LOVERS LANE, oddly, turned out to be somewhat more enjoyable. Credit to Tracey Adams and Barbara Dare for making their characters feel real, with actual lives beyond the scope of this limited story. The "gimmick" is that almost every sex scene takes place in a vehicle, and I assume getting them ate up most of the budget because this is cheap enough to pass for a video except that it's shot on film. I did like the little touches left in simply because they kept shooting, like Stacey Donovan's tongue getting bitten by her overly-amorous partner or Tracey being unable to pop the top on her generic "BEER." It's a less ambitious movie than PLEASURE MAZE, but somehow more likable.

My verdict is that I'm glad to have these two films and they were reasonably fun diversions. But I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to add any more Duck Dumont productions to my collection. I doubt there will be new releases anytime soon, so that would entail tracking them down. That sounds too much like work to me.



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  1. Duck Dumont did the first adult film I have seen as a young teenager... Passion Pit.