Saturday, September 7, 2019

Sexual Odyssey (1985)

Part of me hopes against hope this movie is hiding in an unmarked film can. You see, though most Carlos Tobalina adult movies from the 1980s have either been re-released by Vinegar Syndrome or are at least available for release, SEXUAL ODYSSEY is missing in action as far as elements go. The other part of me wonders why I care as this is pretty uneven for even a Tobalina movie, which of course exist in some alternate universe.

The plot is admirably demented - Jerry Butler plays a confirmed homosexual (!!) who goes to Dr. Carlos (listed as "Dr. Karlof" in the pressbook but you're not fooling anyone Dr. Carlos) for conversion treatment. I wonder if Tobalina even realized this admittedly ridiculous idea actually existed? At least Dr. Carlos' method is more benign than the real thing. These parts are the source of much mirth, including both Tobalina and Butler attempting to pronounce the word "fecal." It's completely offensive but totally unaware of its offensiveness.

If you're wondering, hey, how do I know how Tobalina's character is listed in the pressbook, there's a reason and it's a doozy. It's because SEXUAL ODYSSEY credits most of its cast and crew by simply displaying the pressbook on-screen! What's more, the film's title is conveyed via the poster rather than, you know, actual titles. It makes you wonder if Carlos ran out of money in the budget, or if he changed things around at the very last minutes. With Tobalina, who can really know?

The cast is mostly amazing, with rare Tobalina appearances from Butler, Amber Lynn (wearing one of the CASANOVA 2 wigs for some reason), Nikki Charm, Rachel Ashley, Karen Summer, and Joanna Storm. Longtime Carlos favorite Mai Lin is also on-hand. Sadly, the sex scenes are soooo protracted that they get a bit tiresome. I would have liked a little more idiotic plot to balance things. I mean, Jerry never appears in the same scene with the guy playing his brother!

There are some creative touches though. The sex in front of a rear projection idea makes a return from THE ULTIMATE PLEASURE (I think it was that one). Very stirring to watch Nikki Charm climb on top of Jerry Butler with an image of the Statue of Liberty in the background. Ashley and Summer conclude their scene with Butler by clapping and chanting "Amen!" for reasons that are not entirely clear, but evidently indicate successful therapy. I dunno, it's Carlos.

Not an essential Tobalina by any means unless you're a completist for him or one of the stars. It still deserves to be rescued from obscurity, especially in light of recent events. Only time will tell!

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