Sunday, April 5, 2020

Projexploitation, CORRUPTION, and A Special Message

Marilyn Gee as The Woman in the Red Room in CORRUPTION

A good pal of mine wrote a couple of exemplary pieces on Roger Watkins' CORRUPTION. You should go read them, since I suspect he won't be returning to this project after all this time. They deserve an audience.

Three Rooms: The Art of Roger Watkins’ Corruption

Outside the Three Rooms: The Art of Roger Watkins’ Corruption (Pt. 2)


I've been mulling it over and I just wanted to mention there's a good chance I'm not going to post here again. I'm not ruling out dusting Super Cine-Vision! off if it is the right vehicle for something I want to say, but the lengthy gaps in activity and my own varying interest has pretty much killed any momentum for this blog. It gets very little traffic, and if no one's reading, there's not much point.

I'm leaving the archives up for posterity. I'll still be writing about these films - just probably not here. Meanwhile, you should check out my buddy Jimmy's Golden Sin Palace which was raised from the dead last year. He has been a big supporter of this work and I owe him a great deal.

Thanks folks!