Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Sexual Heights (1981)

Yes, the long-promised (threatened?) Carlos Tobalina Rewatch kicked off with what is considered a favorite even among Carlos naysayers. Though completely absurd and utterly implausible, it doesn't veer too deeply into nonsense or overly-protracted sex scenes. As I watched last night, I developed a theory which is as follows - a lot of this movie was actually directed by credited assistant directors Jamie Gillis and Milton Ingley (aka Michael Morrison). I am sure Carlos was there, but he might have just said "Good job! Let's break for lunch." I dunno, just a theory.

Your plot - a quartet of horny divorcees (Gillis, Ingley, Herschel Savage, Jesse Adams) hatch a ridiculous plan to seduce the babysitter (Tawny Pearl) who led Savage down the path to divorce (more on this shortly). Meanwhile, John Holmes balls Kitty Shayne and Mai Lin, and pays a social call to Jamie just to prove he's in the same movie I guess. There's also outtakes from SENSUAL FIRE which can be verified from that film's trailer since the scenes did not make the final cut for some reason.

One of the surprising aspects of this movie is Savage's attempted "seduction" of Tawny via flashback which looks and sounds a whole heck of a lot like a rape attempt. The baffling part is this is incongruous with the lighthearted tone of the movie as a whole, and it's not something it dwells upon. Tawny seems pretty damn happy to see Herschel later and declares that she always loved him! I'm not sure if this is just ham-fisted writing or if Tawny took the scene in a different direction than scripted and they left it in.

I should also address "Lolita Grant" who is conspicuous by her absence from the trailer - Carlos clearly chose to leave her out. Though her name, outfit, and hairstyle leave no doubt the idea of her character, she's also pretty clearly a grown woman who happens to be very petite (under 5 feet tall and it's not close). She participates in the all-girl orgy but is mostly a spectator otherwise. Jamie grabs her from behind at one point and she screams, an uncomfortable reminder of the urban legend about Gillis. But it soon becomes clear this is part of the story and she is well and truly Into It. I don't think she and Jamie have actual intercourse though. Grant is another one of those mysterious Carlos exclusives who are not known to have worked for anyone else.

If you're curious about Tobalina hardcore, this is a good one to sample. There's less dead space and confusing snafus of film technique. The guys all have a good rapport and it's easy to buy them as buddies. It's an enjoyable time killer, though you will never mistake it for a classic.

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