Saturday, December 8, 2018

Gail Sterling in FLESH AND BULLETS

Among the crazier things I did in 2017 was get heavily into Carlos Tobalina films. One that I was reluctant to try was FLESH AND BULLETS. It's not an adult film, but rather an attempt by Tobalina to do a "mainstream" action movie. I finally gave in early in 2018, and boy, am I glad I did. The movie has since become a favorite of mine, though not because it is any kind of cinematic classic.

As I watched FLESH AND BULLETS, one of the things that struck me was the actress playing "Gail Borden" in the movie. Billed as "Susan Silvers", she looked familiar somehow. Finally, I said "Is that Gail Sterling?"

Gail Sterling (IMDB and IAFD profiles) is an adult film performer who I like a great deal. But she's not really a big star, and it was certainly possible that her participation in FLESH AND BULLETS had flown under the radar. Plus, she had worked for Carlos on LUST INFERNO and CARNAL OLYMPICS, so there was definitely a connection there.

Courtesy of Georg Domkamp and Jimmy Simard on Facebook, here are screenshots of "Susan Silvers" in FLESH AND BULLETS:

Upon seeing these screenshots, Shaun Costello (who knew Gail and directed her in HEAVEN'S TOUCH) confirmed that they were Gail. But if you need more convincing, I have examples of Gail Sterling, too. And since this blog entry is pretty image-intensive, we'll put in a break for those browsing the main page.

Gail Sterling in REEL PEOPLE:

Gail Sterling in CARNAL OLYMPICS:

Gail Sterling from a magazine pictorial:

My friend Jimmy even did a helpful comparison between "Susan Silvers" and that last photo of Gail Sterling:

In other words, YES, Susan Silvers = Gail Sterling. I hope this research will be acceptable in giving Gail her proper credit for FLESH AND BULLETS, since it is seems to be her only quote unquote legitimate movie. I do have more photos, but this feels like enough for now.

You can buy FLESH AND BULLETS on DVD directly from Vinegar Syndrome at this link. (when their site is back up, that is) It is also available on Blu-Ray in a limited edition 5 FILMS 5 YEARS – VOLUME #2.

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