Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Starr Wood

(Starr Wood in Sweet Dreams Suzan)

Starr's her name, and starring is her dream. This raven-haired beauty has been a show-business professional for nearly five years, and when this lady works, she really cooks. She's hot now, and she knows it. As a singer, dancer, stripper and an actress in ten feature films, Starr's achieved a reputation of throwing her whole being into every assignment.

-- from the pictorial "Starr Material" in Hustler (September 1979)

Starr Wood is one of those adult film performers who fascinate me.  She was never a big star, and was never promoted as a big star as far as I'm aware beyond the copy reproduced above from the pages of Hustler.  However, she was active as a supporting player for at least 6 years under a variety of names.  Given the fact that she wasn't incredibly prolific during that period, we can safely assume she was doing other things and the movies just supplemented her income. 

Starr Wood is more the norm in the adult business than the "porn stars" that everyone recognizes by name and/or face.  Most of the regulars and semi-regulars are not famous, and they're just trying to make a living.  Those unsung heroes of every stripe help make the films unique and special.  While I would love to know more about Starr Wood than the scraps an anonymous writer offered about her, I appreciate her for her contributions to the Golden Age of Adult Cinema.

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  1. I’ll offer another actress who overlapped with Starr in Taboo and similarly only worked in a handful of films: TJ Carson. She had sort of sharp features that may turn some off, but lord I wish she was in more films.

    1. T.J. is a good one, probably even more obscure than Starr! She has a good role in Female Athletes.

      P.S., Sorry it took so long to publish your comments. I've been away from the blog for longer than I anticipated.