Thursday, January 19, 2023

Sexual Kung Fu in Hong Kong (1974)

Sexual Kung Fu in Hong Kong
Premiere: April 5, 1974

For the first time...ancient sexual practices revealed.

A pair of tough guys hole up in an inn in the slums of Hong Kong. One of them is murdered and the other narrowly avoids several attempts on his life. He goes into hiding in the room of the working girl Yen. Yen uses her secret lovemaking technique on the assassin Wang.

Cast: Maria Pia, Nina Fause, Roxanne Brewer, Carlos Tobalina, Ron Darby, James Glenn, Ted Ward.

Staff: Producer - Carlos Tobalina; Original Story - J. Larcher, Carlos Tobalina: Director of Photography - Carlos Tobalina; Music - David Moore; Director - Carlos Tobalina.

(The preceding information is based on a synopsis printed in a French magazine in the 1970s.  This entry is intended to preserve it for the record.  Sexual Kung Fu in Hong Kong is currently considered to be lost.) 

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